Shawna Roscom believes in, and strongly enforces, the Constitutional rights of clients accused of crimes.  These rights, which are too often ignored, include:

The right to be considered innocent until proven guilty

the right to question your accuser

the right to see and defend against the evidence in your case

the right to be free of unreasonable searches or illegal seizure of your property


These Constitutional rights are in place to protect individuals from abuses by a government that has substantially more money and power than most families.  The writers of the Constitution realized that the deck is often stacked against criminal defendants. But frequently, criminal prosecutors simply ignore these laws, and defendants don’t always realize they can fight back.

Many people hesitate to hire a lawyer, afraid they won’t be able to afford it or that they’ll be cheated. As a member of the Texas State Bar, Shawna Roscom promises to always treat you with courtesy and respect, return phone calls within a reasonable amount of time and never, ever take advantage of a client. She provides advice, but the decisions in your case are yours in the end.  she offers free consultations, initial meetings at which the facts of your case are discussed and its most likely outcomes, so you risk nothing by speaking to her. She is happy to discuss payment arrangements for clients concerned about cost.

The Law Office of Shawna B. Roscom